Court of appeal condemns saharawi students saharauis

The appeal trial of Saharawi students known as companions of El Uali, held yesterday in Marrakech, did not change the sentences attributed by the court of first instance.

The publi Judgment had the presence of 4 international observers, but in clear violation of the rules of a public trial families of prisoners were not authorized to be present.

PUSL has been monitoring this process since the arrest of these young people in 2016. For more information consult the published report and the articles.

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Saharawi student trial has started

The appeal process of the Saharawi students known as Grup Companions of El Uali began today in the court of second instance in Matraquexe.

All students were present, as were defense lawyers Mohamed Fadel Leil, Bazid Zehmad and Laazouzi Abdrazak.

These young activists reaffirmed their status as political prisoners chanting slogans for self-determination.

The next session of this trial is scheduled for April 10, at which time the students will be heard.

Several International observers were in court today and Saharawi families and students once again supported these young people in a demonstration in front of the court demanding justice and the release of all prisoners.

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New postponement of the trial of Saharawi students in Marrakesh

The trial of the young Saharawi students arrested in Marrakech, sentenced on 22 June last year, with sentences ranging from 3 years to 11 students and 10 years to 4 years, was postponed until 13 March.

This new postponement was made at the request of the new team of lawyers, formed by Sahrawis Lili, Buzaid and Ejellali, in order to prepare the defense of the accused.

The group of students entered the courtroom again shouting slogans in favor of the independence of Western Sahara and demonstrating on several occasions their solidarity with the prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group.

During the session today, Isabel Lourenço, Sébastien Boulay, Pablo Jiménez, Aritz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez de Garmendia and Amaia Arenal were present as international observers.

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 16, the trial against the group of 15 Saharawi students imprisoned in the Marrakech prison will resume

This group of students was sentenced on June 22 of last year, with sentences of 3 years for 11 students and 10 years for 4 of them.

From PUSL we have followed this process since the arrest of these young people in 2016.

For more information consult the published report:

and the articles published in PUSL:

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Appeal trial of the group of Saharawi students postponed


The trial session of the appeal process of thr group of 15 Saharawi students detained in the Marrakesh prison, was adjourned.

The session, which began several hours late, served only to inform that the trial would be postponed to 16 January 2018.

This group of students was sentenced on June 22 last year, with 11 students punished to 3 and 4 students sentenced to 10 years in prison.

PUSL has been monitoring this process since the arrest of these young people in 2016.

For more information consult the published report and the articles.

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Two young Saharawi students from the Marrakesh group released after trial


Two of the Saharawi students detained in the Marrakesh prison who had been detained in June 2016 were released last October.

Mustafa Hmaidat, a student in Agadir was released on 6 October and Laghdaf Lakan, a student in Marrakech on 20 October.

Details of the case can be found in the report published by our collaborator Isabel Lourenço, member of the Western Sahara Foundation (see here).

We remind that the remaining Sahrawi students of this group were detained for almost 18 months before being sentenced on 6 July this year with 5, 10-year sentences (Abdelmaoula Elhafidi, Aziz Elwahidi, Elbbar Elkntawi, Mohamed Dada and Mohamed Saakouk) and the remaining students with 3 years in prison.

The two students now released were not convicted at that trial since they had been detained at a later date as their comrades.

This group is known as “Companions of El Ouali”, a young student murdered by the Moroccan authorities.

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Saharawi journalist prohibited from continuing his studies

Laayoune / Western Sahara News Network Activists.

Bashir Eddekly is 20 years old, a journalist, a former political prisoner, and now also a former student.

After having studied experimental science for a year at College Ibn Battuta, he was forced to quit because of his political activities.

Bashir was active in the students movement in occupied Laayoune, and the expulsion comes only a short while after he was arrested and detained for 4 months.

It is very likely that the Moroccan intelligence service forced the administration of the institution to expel him and thereby prevent him from completing his education.

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