Sahrawi political prisoner Naama Asfari transferred to the prison of Kenitra

According to information from his wife, Mrs. Claude Mangin, Naama Asfari, Sahrawi political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik was transferred on March 15, 2018 to Kenitra prison.

Naama Asfari was in isolation for 30 days in the prison of El Arjat where he was the only member of the group of Gdeim Izik.
Asfari had announced a hunger strike beginning on February 27, but was put in solitary confinement on February 12 last.
The wife did not know if her husband was alive or dead and was only been able to speak to Asfari for a few minutes on the 15th after his transfer and learned that he had suspended the strike.

Naama Asfari informed his wife that on February 26th the penitentiary administration handed him transfer papers to sign. The human rights activist and political prisoner had demanded to be transferred to a prison in Western Sahara, after the signing of the transfer he decided to suspend the hunger strike, but the day he left the isolation he was transferred to the prison of Kentira located 1.200 km away from Sahara West.

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Morocco puts Gdeim Izik prisoners in life danger

On the 9th of March, 8 Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group in Ait Melloul and Kenitra prisons entered a hunger strike demanding the respect of their basic rights.

On the 8th of March the prison directors of both penitentiaries informed the prisoners that they had a “note de service” an official memo saying that if they would begin a hunger strike they would be put in isolation.

In Ait Melloul prison Sidahmed Lemjeyid and Mbarek Lefkir suspended their hunger strike on the 12th of March after the threats issued by the prison director.

According to information of the families, Mohamed Bani and Brahim Ismaili were put in isolation on the 12th of March without drinkable water, the isolation cells are known as “coffins” and have no windows, the prisoners have to sleep on the floor.

The daughter of Mr. Ismaili denounced that the Regional Director of the Prisons of Agadir and the Prison Director of Ait Melloul 2 told Mr. Ismaili that if he would fall into a coma they would give him an injection to get rid of him definitively and put an end to the troubles.

At 8am of the 9th of March, Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah, El Bachir Boutanguiza, Mohamed Bourial and Abdallahi Lakfawni were brought to isolation cells in Kenitra since they started the hunger strike.

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Saharawi political prisoners warn about health situation

Saharawi political prisoners, Ali Saadoni and Salah Lebsir detained in Tata prison in Morocco, report that they are being held in a cell with common criminals and a prisoner with a chronic contagious disease. In the same cell is also Abdalahi Elbuhi another Saharawi prisoner.

Saadoni, a human rights activist and Lebsir, a journalist, have alerted the Moroccan authorities that they are at risk of infection and request that the sick prisoner be placed in a separate cell according to the rule number 30 d) of the Mandela Rules (Standard Minimal Treatment of prisoners of the United Nations) and article 125 of Law 23-98 on the organization and functioning of the penitentiary establishments of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“Any consequence of this situation is the responsibility of the Moroccan authorities who are responsible for our health while in custody,” say the prisoners and report that they are victims of medical malpractice and that Morocco wants to kill them.

Lebsir went on hunger strike on 9 March in solidarity with all Sahrawi political prisoners, reaffirming his status as political prisoner and demanding respect for their basic rights.

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Ahmed Sbaai Saharawi political prisoner transferred to unknown location

At 04:00 today, the Sahrawi political prisoner of the group of Gdeim Izik, Mr. Ahmed Sbaai, was taken by the guards of the Kenitra prison to an unknown location.

Neither Mr. Sbaai’s attorneys nor his relatives were informed of his whereabouts.

Ahmed Sbaai suffers from heart problems and asthma. From 4 to 13 December 2017 Mr. Sbaai was put in a space that served as WC, a 1x2m for ten days with the lights on 24 hours/24hours, mistreated and without medical care despite repeated asthma attacks.

Mr. Abdallahi Abbahah, another prisoner of this group, was in the same conditions in an identical space.

The transfer of political prisoners from the Gdeim Izik group has been a constant in order to divide the group and break the spirit of these human rights activists.

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Saharawi political prisoner El Hafed Iazza victim of medical neglect

54 year old, Saharawi political prisoner El Hafed Iazza who is imprisoned for ten years with a 15 years sentence has accute health problems due to the torture, ill treatment, degrading conditions of incarceration and continued medical neglect by the Moroccan authorities since the first moment of his arrest.

Mr. El Hafed Iazza is currently imprisoned in Bouzakarn prison but according the Saharawi Human Rights NGO Codesa, last 24 February, the Moroccan authorities transferred him to the local prison of Oudaya in Marrakech / Morocco for alleged treatment and medical exams of his urinary tract.

On 26 February 2018, he was transferred from Oudaya Prison Moroccan authorities to the regional hospital in Marrakech under intensive police and intelligence presence, which increased his health problems and psychological crisis.

The Sahrawi political prisoner was held for several hours inside this hospital without being subjected to any treatment or examination mentioned by an medical expert.

After hours of waiting, during which the political prisoner was handcuffed and under strict police surveillance, the Moroccan authorities were forced to return him to the local prison of Oudaya in Marrakech where he continued to suffer from medical negligence and its serious consequences.

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Report on the situation of the families of Saharawi political prisoners

In a report based on data collected over the last five years, the observer Isabel Lourenço, Human Rights Activist, Member of Fundación Sahara Occidental, Collaborator of, denounces the seriousness of the situation experienced by the families of Saharawi political prisoners.

The information collected from families in the occupied territories and the kingdom of Morocco during the trials in Rabat, Salé, Agadir and Marrakech shows not only the economic, social and psychological difficulties affecting the families of prisoners.

The long distances that have to be traveled by the families who have to travel over 1200km to then see sometimes the visit prevented arbitrarily.

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New postponement of the trial of Saharawi students in Marrakesh

The trial of the young Saharawi students arrested in Marrakech, sentenced on 22 June last year, with sentences ranging from 3 years to 11 students and 10 years to 4 years, was postponed until 13 March.

This new postponement was made at the request of the new team of lawyers, formed by Sahrawis Lili, Buzaid and Ejellali, in order to prepare the defense of the accused.

The group of students entered the courtroom again shouting slogans in favor of the independence of Western Sahara and demonstrating on several occasions their solidarity with the prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group.

During the session today, Isabel Lourenço, Sébastien Boulay, Pablo Jiménez, Aritz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez de Garmendia and Amaia Arenal were present as international observers.

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Tomorrow, Tuesday 16, the trial against the group of 15 Saharawi students imprisoned in the Marrakech prison will resume

This group of students was sentenced on June 22 of last year, with sentences of 3 years for 11 students and 10 years for 4 of them.

From PUSL we have followed this process since the arrest of these young people in 2016.

For more information consult the published report:

and the articles published in PUSL:

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Khadda and Haddi Sahrawi political prisoners in 48h protest

The Sahrawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group, Mohamed Lamin Haddi and El Bashir Khadda who are detained in Tiflet prison started today a 48-hour hunger strike in protest against the delay of the local prison administration complying with the promiss to transfer them to another prison and ensuring their right to study.

Over a month passed after Haddi and Khadda suspended their open hunger strike between November and December of last year following the commitment of the General Administration of Prisons to meet all their just demands, which are based mainly on the right to study and improve their conditions of detention. The local prison administration has adopted a policy of procrastination, indifference and non-fulfillment of its obligations and obligations towards the demands of the Saharawi political prisoners, according to information obtained by the Committee of the Families of the Detainees.

Therefore , the two Sahrawi political prisoners decided to make a 48h in protest against the lack of fulfillment of the commitments made by the administration of Tiflet.

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