A team of the UPV finds new mass graves in Western Sahara

Naiz.eus.-A research team of the UPV, under the direction of the coroner Paco Etxeberria, has found three new mass graves in the region of Meheris, in Western Sahara.

A forensic investigation team of the UPV / EHU, under the direction of Professor Paco Etxeberria and promoted by Hegoa-Institute of Studies on Development and International Cooperation, has exhumed three new mass graves in the Meheris region, in the liberated territories of the Saharawi Republic.

As reported by the academic institution in a note, the remains found could be traced back to the first months of the Moroccan invasion, since among the objects found next to one the victims were 68 coins for a total value of 689 pesetas of the Spanish era.

The forensic analyzes are carried out in the UPV / EHU and the reports have served the court number 5 of the National Court in the case of violations of human rights to the Saharawi people in 1976 by Morocco.

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Saharan Youth and Minors detained and tortured

In the night of Saturday to Sunday after a demonstration of young Sahrawis with dozens of protesters in the city of El Aaiun in a non violent protest against the Moroccan occupation and the social, economic and political apartheid lived in the occupied territories ten students were arrested .

The occupation forces invested against the demonstrators and detained the young.

The students were abducted to an unknown location and the authorities neither informed the families nor where they were allowed to have the presence of lawyers after their arbitrary detention.

According to the report of the Network Activists News, authorities released on Monday 26 February, Mohammed al-Marwani, when his health condition deteriorated due to torture.

On Tuesday 27 February, the Saharawi students were presented to the court in El Aaiun. The surrounding courtyards were heavily guarded and under siege, no one could enter the courtroom. Families were not allowed to see their children.

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The saharaui activist, Sultana Khaya defends the honor of her countries flag

Human rights activist Sultana Khaya was one of the women attacked by the occupation authorities when she participated yesterday in the demonstration for self-determination of Western Sahara and in support of all the Saharawi political prisoners detained in Moroccan prisons in Bojador.

After being thrown to the ground with kicks and blows, she took refuge in her house and hoisted the flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic in her window on the first floor, as can be seen in the video.

The police who surrounded all the houses of activists yesterday in a display of cars, vans and hundreds of agents, demanded that she remove the flag. Sultana replied: I will not remove the flag of my country, the flag is my honor! Come get it yourself out if you’re really men!

In 2007, Sultana Khaya was a victim of aggression and violence by the occupation authorities who bruttaly removed one of her eyes with baton blows, she spent several days in the hospital without any assistance and with maltreatment by hospital staff that is composed only of Moroccan settlers.

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