Hunger strikes of Saharawi Political Prisoners – families alert to their dire health situation

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In a press release published yesterday the Comittee of families of the Gdeim Izik group alerted to the dangerous health situation of some of the political prisoners that are on hunger strike. Since the separation of the 19 activists and Saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group on the 16th of September, they have been victims of ill treatment, harassment, discrimination and other forms of pressure including medical neglect.

Due to this situation, some of the political prisoners of this group, who are in 7 different prisons in the Moroccan kingdom, entered an open hunger strike.

The prison employees, with the consent of the administration of the different prisons, insult this group of saharawi activist systematically. The Moroccan prisoners convicted of common crimes are allowed to harass and menace them.

In Tifel 2 prison Cheik Banga, El Bachir Khadda and Hassan Dah, begun an open hunger strike since their transfer on the 16/09/2017. They have a debilitated health situation, and are having difficulty with standing and speech.

Lamine Haddi, started an open hunger strike also on 16/09/2017. Haddi is suffering from high blood pressure, acute stomach ache and difficulty to move.

Brahim Ismaïili, started an open hunger strike also on 16/09/2017, and is very debilitated.

The Tifelt prison warden has threatened the above mentioned prisoners of death and refused to enter any negotiation with them. The prison director even went so far as to threaten Hassan Dah by saying ” whether you live or die – you are nothing!….. a few days after your death no one will remember you”.

In Tifelt 2 prison Abdallah Toubali, who made a warning hunger strike the previous week, is continuously subjected to harassment and provocations by the common crime detainees. For some days, he has not been allowed time in the yard nor does he receive warm meals, and is being forced to eat only cold canned food.

Mohamed Khouna Babeit has been harassed by the prison officers. He is not allowed to have his blankets and clothes.

The third group who is currently in Ait Melloul prison receives the same ill treatment. Sidahmed Lemjeyid, started an open hunger strike also on 16/09/2017. Lemjeiyd has lung problems, allergies and swollen feet. He is in low health condition and suffers from several diseases; lung troubles, allergies and swelling feet. The prison administration did not dialog with him so far and his family request of visit was refused.

Mohamed Bani hold a warning hunger strike after the prison administration refused to provide him medical attention and clothes. Yesterday, 25th September he entered an open hunger strike.

Mohamed Embarek Lefkir, is not allowed to have his clothes and blankets.

The group detained in Kenitra central prison made an 48h warning hunger strike.
Mohamed Bourial, Ahmed Sbaai, Mohamed Bachir Boutanguiza, Abdallahi Abbahah, Abdallah Lakhfawni and Houcein Zawi alerted with this protest against the ill treatment they have been receiving.

Abdel Jalil Laaroussi, was transferred to Okasha prison, isolated from the rest of the group. Laroussi has been placed in isolation and has been subjected to the same harassment as the rest of the group in the other prisons.

The press release of the Comittee of the families of the Gdeim Izik prisoners is alarming and shows that the Moroccan authorities are disrespecting the minimum standard conditions for prisoners stipulated by the United Nations.