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Laayoune / Western Sahara News Network Activists.

Bashir Eddekly is 20 years old, a journalist, a former political prisoner, and now also a former student.

After having studied experimental science for a year at College Ibn Battuta, he was forced to quit because of his political activities.

Bashir was active in the students movement in occupied Laayoune, and the expulsion comes only a short while after he was arrested and detained for 4 months.

It is very likely that the Moroccan intelligence service forced the administration of the institution to expel him and thereby prevent him from completing his education.

After inquiring about the causes of his expulsion, the School Board treated Bashir Eddekhly with indifference and deaf ears.

This decision of the school is considered a violation of international charters and Moroccan law, which guarantees everyone the right to education.

Bashir Eddekhly will demonstrate for his legitimate Human Right to education, guaranteed by international conventions and treaties and signed by the occupying power.