On 6 November 1975, the King of Morocco launched the Green March, known as the Black March for the Sahrawi

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With the green march, the Moroccan regime diverted attention from the real invasion that began a few days earlier, on October 31, when the tanks and the armored regiment of the Moroccan army invaded Western Sahara, starting with Hauza and Djederia (East of Smara) , destroying, killing and kidnapping the Saharawi population.

Spain had clear obligations as a metropolis and, in accordance with international law, failed to do so. The attitude of Spain and its lack of dignity was a betrayal for the Saharawi people who still suffer from occupation and exile.

42 years have gone by, 16 years of war and 26 years of signing of the ceasefire agreement, but the Sahrawi people are still waiting for the International Community to oblige Morocco to honor the agreement that should have provided for the referendum in 1992.

A shame for the world, a shame for Spain and a shame for the African continent, the last colony of Africa that until today waits for justice and whose people resist peacefully is the example of the ineffectiveness of the United Nations and the global corruption that allows Morocco to continue to exploit, oppress and keep the Sahrawi population in the rich occupied territories in a brutal apartheid regime, while in the refugee camps the Saharawi are waiting on the other side of the separation wall for a solution that is not on the world agenda.