Young unemployed Saharawi in protest

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A group of a dozen unemployed young people from the Alkasam association (Promise) today held a protest demanding the right to work.

In order to be able to demonstrate the group rose to the top of a water supply depot, on Meka Avenue in El Aaiún. It was two hours before the Moroccan occupation authorities were able to forcibly withdraw the demonstrators.

After being forced to leave the water deposit the young people were ill treated by the police and taken to their headquarter.

The young men were subjected to long identification and interrogation process.

Demonstrations of young unemployed Saharawis have multiplied in the last year with creative protest actions of nonviolent resistance. In the occupied territories, unemployment affects almost all Sahrawis, since the Moroccan settlers always have primacy in access to work.

In a territory of extreme wealth the Saharawi population is victim of a political, social and economic apartheid and forced impoverishment.