Brahim Ismaili, El Bachir Khadda and Hassan Dah Saharawi political prisoners ended hunger strike after 33 and 38 days

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According to Malika Ismaili, her father contacted her yesterday by phone who told her that he had suspended his hunger strike and that the Moroccan authorities promised to meet his demands.

Brahim Ismaili, Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik group started his hunger strike on the 1st of November and ended it 38 days later after being transported in a extremely critical situation to the Hospital in Rabat where he regained consciousness.

Mr. Ismaili had been repeatedly punished for demanding his most basic rights. He was put in total isolation and in a psych ward during his hunger strike.

The Moroccan authorities even went so far as to make a public statement where it is said that “the lack of positive interaction between some of those detainees and their obstinacy in making hunger strike warnings despite the institution’s willingness to facilitate their detention conditions and preserve their health, the administration had to apply the regulation appropriate against them “. Not specifying what  the “appropriate regulation against them” is.

According to the Moroccan authorities an hunger strike  is an act of indiscipline which requires disciplinary correction and they even have “appropriate regulation” for the punishment.

Yesterday  the responsible authorities went to Brahim Ismaili in the hospital and negotiated to suspend the strike in return for meeting the demands that should be the right of every Sahrawi political prisoner, said Malika Ismaili.

“All the repression and criminality of these responsible parties turn the rights that are supposed to be the bare minimum of my fathers rights into a fierce war that must be fought in order to for them to respect the most basic rights” said Mailika.

Mr. Ismaili’s demands were to be transferred to a prison nearer to the city of El Aaiun where his family live, that his visitations rights should be respected and that he would be allowed to eat the food allocated to him by his family in accordance to diet the doctor supervising his condition agreed upon since he suffers from a cronical stomach disease.

Mr. Hassan Dah who was also in hunger strike since the 1st of November, ended his hunger strike after being brought to the hospital, he was afterwards transferred from Tiflet2  prison to Kenitra prison where the biggest part of the group is located.

Mr. El Bachir Khadda, also ended his hunger strike after 33 days , he had started on the 5th of November,  but until this moment no more information is available on his situation.

Mr. Lamin Haddi is also in hunger strike since 20th November, but no udated information is available.