Saharawi political prisoner Ahmed Sbaai denounces torture

Testimony of Ahmed Sbaai human rights defender and Saharawi political prisoner (Gdeim Izik Group) about the ten days spent in a toilet of the Kenitra central prison.

As the world was preparing to commemorate the International Day of Human Rights, the Moroccan State also celebrated it, but in its own way,

Thus, on December 4, 2017, I was dragged into a small toilet, as well as my partner from the same group, Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah , who was also thrown into another toilet not far from me. It was a very small space with nauseating odors and insects and a small vent that allowed the entry of cold during the night. These toilets are on the second floor called *Barrio de Arrepentimiento *. All the prisoners there are common criminals, who scream day and night, knock on the doors and there is a intense smell of cigarette smoke. To this we must add that the light bulbs are on all night. The food was dirty and I was not allowed to have my belongings or change clothes for 10 days or to wash myself, I could no longer distinguish the body odor from the smell of the toilet. This has only aggravated my already precarious health because I have difficulty breathing, heart problems and allergies. I had itching in different parts of my body. Every night, I was suffocating and I could not find anyone to help me. They prevented me from contacting my lawyer. They forbade me papers and a pen to write to the authorities and organizations to intervene to get me out of this nightmare. I had announced that I started a open hunger strike open from the first day and am still on hunger strike. I was suffering from hunger and cold, and above all I had no news from my family who lives in El Aaiún, in Western Sahara. I have not been able to see my father for seven years in violation of the Moroccan prison law no. 93/28 and of all the norms and customs related to rights of prisoners regarding their families.

As I write this testimony, I can not express everything I feel and describe the real suffering experienced and both contempt, trampling on human dignity, and the way I was thrown into that place for 10 days, especially in a country that claims to have traveled A long road in the field of human rights and seeks to cover up its reputation abroad.

I hope that with this testimony my voice can reach all organizations to intervene and exert the necessary pressure on the Moroccan State and put an end to its flagrant violations of human rights committed against Saharawi political prisoners.

Ahmed Sbaai, defender of human rights and Saharawi political prisoner, member of the Coordination Council of the Sahrawi Association of Victims of Serious Violations of Human Rights Committed by the Moroccan State.

Kenitra Central Prison Inmate Number: 29794