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The trial of the young Saharawi students arrested in Marrakech, sentenced on 22 June last year, with sentences ranging from 3 years to 11 students and 10 years to 4 years, was postponed until 13 March.

This new postponement was made at the request of the new team of lawyers, formed by Sahrawis Lili, Buzaid and Ejellali, in order to prepare the defense of the accused.

The group of students entered the courtroom again shouting slogans in favor of the independence of Western Sahara and demonstrating on several occasions their solidarity with the prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group.

During the session today, Isabel Lourenço, Sébastien Boulay, Pablo Jiménez, Aritz Rodríguez, Sandra Gómez de Garmendia and Amaia Arenal were present as international observers.

The relatives of the prisoners could only enter the room once the deferment was decreed. Family members, once inside the room, and always standing, as they were not allowed to sit down, showed their rejection against this process, at which moment there was a tumult between the cries of antidemocratic and the cries of anger of the mothers and sisters of the young Saharawi students.

Abdemoula Elhafidi, one of the students told the court that the whole group is in a very critical health situation, asking the judge who will take responsibility in case something happens to them. And reaffirming the responsibility of the general administration of Penitentiaries for any health problem for lack of adequate medical assistance.

At the gates of the court, a concentration of families of prisoners and students showed their support and solidarity with young political prisoners.

PUSL has been monitoring this process since the arrest of these young people in 2016.

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