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In a report based on data collected over the last five years, the observer Isabel Lourenço, Human Rights Activist, Member of Fundación Sahara Occidental, Collaborator of, denounces the seriousness of the situation experienced by the families of Saharawi political prisoners.

The information collected from families in the occupied territories and the kingdom of Morocco during the trials in Rabat, Salé, Agadir and Marrakech shows not only the economic, social and psychological difficulties affecting the families of prisoners.

The long distances that have to be traveled by the families who have to travel over 1200km to then see sometimes the visit prevented arbitrarily.

Also highlighted is the traumatic effect on their children and the constant pressure and persecution and vigilance to which they are subject.

The system of rotation “roulette system” which consists of transferring prisoners from jail to jail in another of the aspects that hinders the family organization.

An approach to a subject that has so far not been properly documented and which clearly demonstrates that Morocco punishes Saharawi political prisoners and their families far beyond the harsh and unjust sentences handed down.

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