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On 27 February 2018 the 42nd anniversary of the birth of the Sahrawi Democratic Arab Republic is celebrated. The Saharawi people have created their homeland based on a millennial identity, transforming itself at that moment into what is required in a modern world, an administrative organization in the form of a state in accordance with the standards and norms created by this “civilized” world.

This state was born of the will of men and women who with the leadership of Mustafa El Uali were able to visualize a dream they wanted to transform into reality. Achieving this dream has been difficult and many are the victims and heroes who have fallen in the way. The Moroccan occupant demonstrates from the first minute fierce violence against a people who have resisted and will resist because they defend that of what they are the rightful owner, their homeland.

With extraordinary resilience, strength and intelligence, the Sahrawi build day by day a state that can teach much to a world so “civilized”, a population that, despite the infrahuman conditions imposed by forced exile, on the one hand, and the occupation of its territory on the other hand, has all the characteristics of a modern state, with 100% schooling of all children, 95% adult literacy, an exemplary distribution of food aid, which comes in smaller and smaller quantities , equitably, an unprecedented participation in North Africa of women in all executive bodies and public structures in all professions, including doctors, teachers and television operators.

We are talking about a state in exile, in the middle of the most inhospitable desert in the world, which has a public television and where there are doctors and hospitals that manage scarce resources so that people have the best possible assistance within a refugee camp.

The Saharawi people and their leaders, despite many shortcomings they may have, are an example of a state, an example of participatory equality, an example of tolerance and development.

They deserve equal respect as any nation, they deserve the respect of their documents, their passports, their identity cards, and their representations in various countries around the world.

The year 2017 and the beginning of 2018 brought new challenges, the European Court of Justice ruling today will dictate its judgment on EU / Morocco fisheries agreements, but regardless of the decision the SADR will continue and will overcome many more obstacles in its already long road towards the final objective: the liberation of the occupied territories, the liberation of all Saharawis, a country without occupier, without wall, united and independent.

Today we publicly declare: “we recognize the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic, recognize its status as a State, recognize its borders and all its governmental institutions and organizations, recognize the Polisario Front and its delegates as legitimate representatives of its people”

We especially welcome the heroes who suffer in Moroccan prisons, the group of Gdeim Izik, the students Companions of El Uali and all the Saharawi political prisoners, our brothers.

Happy Birthday, PUSL team.