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In the night of Saturday to Sunday after a demonstration of young Sahrawis with dozens of protesters in the city of El Aaiun in a non violent protest against the Moroccan occupation and the social, economic and political apartheid lived in the occupied territories ten students were arrested .

The occupation forces invested against the demonstrators and detained the young.

The students were abducted to an unknown location and the authorities neither informed the families nor where they were allowed to have the presence of lawyers after their arbitrary detention.

According to the report of the Network Activists News, authorities released on Monday 26 February, Mohammed al-Marwani, when his health condition deteriorated due to torture.

On Tuesday 27 February, the Saharawi students were presented to the court in El Aaiun. The surrounding courtyards were heavily guarded and under siege, no one could enter the courtroom. Families were not allowed to see their children.

Despite the siege of the courthouse and adjacent streets, a large number of students and human rights activists came to visit the families of the detainees in front of the court.

A Network News correspondent described the confusion of the Moroccan authorities after the families asked to visit their children inside the court to see their state of health.

A source close to the families confirmed that “security” authorities prevented families from visiting the detainees while in custody.

More than eleven hours after the start of the court session, Moroccan authorities released Hama Zerouali, who was injured in the left eye, and Daoudi Hassan al-Muzaddad, both denounced the torture suffered in recent days during the period of their arbitrary detention.

The Moroccan authorities released the detainees, who denounced to have been subjected to brutal torture.

The network of news activists reported the following injuries:

– Abdin Bounaj, a serious shoulder injury and injuries to different parts of the body.

– Omar al-Bahih Almzadad was injured on the shoulder and back and subjected to brutal torture and was required to sign the minutes prepared by members of the Intelligence services.

– Karakar Mohammed Mezdad was subjected to torture at the time of arrest and interrogation within the “surete national”.
There are bruises on the face and pain at the level of the abdomen – vomiting blood continuously -.

– Othman al-Mousawi, who also suffered from a serious health condition as a result of the torture he underwent earlier on Sunday and during the transfer to the “surete national”.

– Mohamed Mrizik, who was injured at the level of the head and knee.

– Hassan al-Daoudi wounds all over the body.