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54 year old, Saharawi political prisoner El Hafed Iazza who is imprisoned for ten years with a 15 years sentence has accute health problems due to the torture, ill treatment, degrading conditions of incarceration and continued medical neglect by the Moroccan authorities since the first moment of his arrest.

Mr. El Hafed Iazza is currently imprisoned in Bouzakarn prison but according the Saharawi Human Rights NGO Codesa, last 24 February, the Moroccan authorities transferred him to the local prison of Oudaya in Marrakech / Morocco for alleged treatment and medical exams of his urinary tract.

On 26 February 2018, he was transferred from Oudaya Prison Moroccan authorities to the regional hospital in Marrakech under intensive police and intelligence presence, which increased his health problems and psychological crisis.

The Sahrawi political prisoner was held for several hours inside this hospital without being subjected to any treatment or examination mentioned by an medical expert.

After hours of waiting, during which the political prisoner was handcuffed and under strict police surveillance, the Moroccan authorities were forced to return him to the local prison of Oudaya in Marrakech where he continued to suffer from medical negligence and its serious consequences.