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Saharawi political prisoners, Ali Saadoni and Salah Lebsir detained in Tata prison in Morocco, report that they are being held in a cell with common criminals and a prisoner with a chronic contagious disease. In the same cell is also Abdalahi Elbuhi another Saharawi prisoner.

Saadoni, a human rights activist and Lebsir, a journalist, have alerted the Moroccan authorities that they are at risk of infection and request that the sick prisoner be placed in a separate cell according to the rule number 30 d) of the Mandela Rules (Standard Minimal Treatment of prisoners of the United Nations) and article 125 of Law 23-98 on the organization and functioning of the penitentiary establishments of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“Any consequence of this situation is the responsibility of the Moroccan authorities who are responsible for our health while in custody,” say the prisoners and report that they are victims of medical malpractice and that Morocco wants to kill them.

Lebsir went on hunger strike on 9 March in solidarity with all Sahrawi political prisoners, reaffirming his status as political prisoner and demanding respect for their basic rights.