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Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah, Abdallahi Lakfawni, El Bachir Boutanguiza and Mohamed Bourial, saharawi political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group, detained in Kenitra Prison, in hungerstrike and isolation since 9th of March continue their protest albeit all pressure.

After several complaints sent by their French lawyer Maitre Ouled to the Moroccan judicial authorities, to ask for an investigation of the inhuman treatement the prisoners are subjected to due to the isolation, the health statuts of the detainees remains preoccupying.

Two Lawyers of the defense team visited the prisoners on the 21st of March and the prisoners were very debilitated.

It has to be underlined that, the Moroccan law only authorizes isolation for security or precaution reasons which do not apply in the case of the Gdeim Izik prisoners.

The political prisoners are now in hunger strike since 9th of March demanding that the morrocan authorities improve their detention conditions by notably transferring them to near to their families.

The only answer of the Moroccan autorities to these demands so far is the undetermined confinement of the prisoners which is forbidden by Mandela Rules. Those standard rules of the UN forbid the prolonged solitary confinement that amounts to torture or other cruel inhuman or degrading treatment.

So far the Moroccan authorities did not answer Maitre Ouleds last request sent last week to open an urgent investigation for inhuman treatment.

This situation demonstrates furthermore that the torture of the political prisoners is still on going and that neither the authorities themselves or the mechanisms to prevent torture are efficient above all when it comes to saharawi prisoners.