Life of Saharawi political prisoners in hungerstrike in danger

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Yesterday the brother of the saharawi political prisoner Sidi Abdallahi Abbahah visited him in Kenitra Prison and told us that the situation is alarming.

Mr. Abdallahi Abbahah informed his brother that:

– He has extreme pain in his body
– Has only one blanket on the floor and another to cover himself but very thin and suffers from acute cold
– Has double vision
– Requested bottled water several times, but the guards refused to give it to him and said “you can die or live we don’t care”. Salt and sugar are also denied.
– He has no knowledge about his fellow prisoners in hunger strike, he didn’t knew if they were alive or dead, if they continue or not the hunger strike
– he was not visited by the doctor

Mr. Abdallahi Abbahah said he would continue his hunger strike until his demands were met, the respect of his basic rights.

At this momento the Moroccan authorities are in violation of their own law as well as the Mandela Rules of the United Nations.

Mr. Mohamed Bani’s wife received a phone call from her husband and informed that Bani is still in Ait Melloul, none of the promises made to him when he stopped the hunger strike on the 22nd of March were fulfilled and he had no visit from a doctor or prison administration.

His health situation s alarming and once again the Moroccan authorities resort to manipulation and lies to the prisoners.

It is urgent that the international community acts in order to prevent further damage to the health of these prisoners.

The moroccan authorities are responsible for the physical integrity of these prisoners.

Maitre Ouled, french lawyer of the group, informed us that she didn’t receive any answer so far to the several faxes she has sent to the Moroccan authorities alerting to his situation and denouncing the treatment of this prisoners which is not according to moroccan or international law.