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After 22 days of hunger strike the Sahrawi political prisoners of the group of Gdeim Izik on hunger strike since March 9 present serious symptoms of health and loss of physical autonomy.

According to the family members who visited yesterday the prisoners in strike in the Kenitra prison the situation is alarming.

Mohamed Bourial was transported by 4 guards to the visiting room as he is incapable of standing by his own. Bourial reaffirmed that he will not give up the hunger strike until his demands are met. According to the mother and the sister, Bourial vomits blood and its general state is alarming.

Abdallahi Abbahah’s brother also reported that Abdallahi spits blood and vomits all the water he ingests vomits.

Abdallahi Lakfawni was transported to the infirmary due to loss of consciousness, but after a short time he was put back in the punishment cell.

Bachir Boutanguiza continues in the same situation that we reported earlier.

Abdallahi Abbahah, Abdallahi Lakfawni, El Bachir Boutanguiza and Mohamed Bourial all reaffirmed that they will follow the hunger strike to the fullest extent.

Brahim ismaili, on hunger strike in Ait Melloul prison ended the hunger strike after 19 days after the prison administration’s promise to transfer him to Bouzakarn prison.