Moroccan occupation forces attack and detain young unemployed saharawi

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On Friday, 30th of March the Moroccan authorities detained ten members of a group of young unemployed Saharawi who made a non violent protest on top of a building, in Smara Avenue in occupied El Aaiun, next to Matala neighborhood.

The moroccan authorities dismantled by force the protest and at 18h30 detained the young Sahrawi who were taken in handcuffs to the police headquarters.

During their detention until the group was bruttaly beaten with bastons and other objects, forced to sit on the concrete floor, insulted, ill treated and menaced.

Brahim Leaajil, Khalil Balla, Lahsen Amer, Moloud Oublal, Hallab Abdallah, Zaidan Omar, Laarousi Fatan, Sidi Saaidi, Mahmoud Dahi and Charkaoui Mohamed were released at 00h30.

The families of the protesters gathered in front of the police building where they were held demonstrating their protest and solidarity.

The occupation forces also attacked and raided houses of saharawi near the protest site.