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Claude Mangin, wife of Naama Asfari, a political prisoner of the group of Gdeim izik, sentenced to 30 years and currently detained in Kenitra, started today a hunger strike demanding respect for the right to visit her husband which has been denied since October 2016.

According to the statement by Claude Mangin-Asfari, her greatest desire is “to return to Morocco to see my husband Naama Asfari, a Saharawi political prisoner, sentenced to 30 years in prison after two unfair trials together with his comrades of the Gdeim Izik group for his peaceful struggle for the independence of Western Sahara, which has been occupied by Morocco for more than 40 years. ”

Naama received the Human Rights Award granted by the ACAT Foundation for Human Dignity in January of this year. The UN Committee against Torture in Geneva has condemned Morocco for the torture of Naama Asfari in December 2016.

However, since October 2016, that Claude Mangin is not allowed to enter Morocco.

In December 2016 the second trial of the Gdeim izik group began, which lasted until June 2017, during this whole process didthe wife of Naama Asfari was not allowed to see her husband.

On Tuesday the 17th, Claude Mangin was expelled for the fourth time. It was after this expulsion that the French citizen decided to go on an unlimited hunger strike from Wednesday, April 18, 2018. Ms. Mangin started her protest in the town of Ivry-sur-Seine, the city where she resides and who elected Naama Asfari Honorary Citizen 3 consecutive years.

Mrs Mangin, following several appeals to international bodies, human rights mechanisms of the United Nations, the European Union and the French Government, without having obtained any result for the respect of her legitimate right to visit her husband in Morocco, decided to enter this hunger strike as a form of pressure and hopes that although this act poses a risk to her health, it will be able to draw attention to this unjust and illegal situation and put pressure on the French Government to take steps to authorize her entry into the Moroccan. territory

In a statement published yesterday on the International Day of Political Prisoners, Claude Mangin ends by saying: “My thanks to all those who support me and accompany me in this long struggle.
I know that this serious act is for the good of Naama, for the sake of justice and for the cause of the freedom of the Saharawi people in their peaceful struggle for independence. “