Claude Mangin suspends hunger strike

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PUSL.- Claude mangin, french citizen and wife of Saharawi political prisoner Naama Asfari suspended yesterday the hunger strike that started on 17 April.

This 62 years old teacher saw herself obliged to make a hunger strike to make the French authorities put in action the the diplomatic channels in order to be allowed to enter in Morocco to see her husband.

A difficult decision and an action which Mangin resorted to after 4 expulsions in the last two years, period during which she didn’t was allowed to see the spouse.

Yesterday, Claude Mangin suspended the hunger strike since the French government is in negotiations at the highest level with Morocco and MP Jean Paul Lecoq asked on Tuesday in the French national parliament French that Claude suspend the strike.

One of the objectives of the striker was undoubtedly achieved, the French government, the members of the European parliament and hundreds of organizations and personalities appealed to the Moroccan government to allow Claude to visit her husband.

Declaration Claude Mangin Conférence de Presse 17 Mai 2018 by on Scribd