AU: Moroccan delegation excluded from meeting in Addis Abeba

This post is also available in: Español (Spanish) Português (Portuguese (Portugal)) Français (French) ADDIS-ABEBA- The African Union (AU) decided on Saturday to ban the entry of all members of a Moroccan delegation, having tried to break into the meeting of foreign ministers of 15 African states including the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), discussing the consultation around the theme of the institutional reform of the AU, pursuant to resolution 687 of the last summit of Addis Ababa, reports the Saharawi News Agency ( SPS).

The meeting held in Addis Abeba, in the presence of a Saharawi delegation led by the Minister of Water and Environment, Brahim Mokhtar, was delayed by two hours, due to an attempt by the Moroccan delegation to break into the hall, provoking outrage from the delegations present and the leaders of the African Commission.

After the attempt by the African Commission to convince the Moroccan delegation that their country was not invited to this meeting whose consultation concerns only 15 States, in accordance with paragraph 3 of resolution 687, resulting from the Summit of Heads of State and governments in January 2018, Morocco said it is “determined to participate in the meeting alongside the 15 states concerned by the theme of reform, including the SADR”.

According to informed sources quoted by SPS, the President of the Executive Council of the AU, Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, has decided to put an end to the provocations of Morocco and its non-diplomatic attitude “, by making a change of room and strengthening security measures to prohibit the entry of members of the Moroccan delegation.

Morocco failed once again to impose its choices on the AU, while AU Commission Chair Moussa Faki Mohamed and the Chair of the AU Executive Council deplored the delay in holding of the meeting, added the same sources.

The consultative meeting will discuss the new developments in the implementation of the AU Reform Project and the budget and finance issues, priority issues identified at the AU Summit and the Economic Communities. in accordance with the principle of dependence and integration.

The SADR attends the meeting, a delegation headed by the Minister of Water and Environment, Brahim Mokhtar Boumakhrouta, accompanied by MM. Lamine Baali, ambassador for Western Sahara in Ethiopia and AU and Dadi Essalek, cultural press officer at the Saharawi Delegation to Ethiopia and the AU.

The group of 15 states involved in the consultation on the institutional reform of the AU is made up of three countries from each region, proposed by the five territories.

The Saharawi Republic has enjoyed the confidence of the North African region, as well as Algeria and Egypt, to enjoy membership in this group.