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PUSL.- Paloma Lopez Bermejo, Spanish MEP from Izquierda Unida and vice-president of the Intergroup for Western Sahara asked the European Commission about the continued medical neglect of Ouakari Eloifi (also spelled Wakari El Wafi), a Saharawi political prisoner of the student group Companions of El Wali.

The critical health situation of Ouakari has been denounced by the family to the Moroccan authorities since 2016 and also by the prisoner himself in the various sessions of the appeal court.

Ouakari needs according to the Moroccan doctor who saw him several month ago, urgent surgery. The medical neglect of the Saharawi prisoners has be denounced over the years and is systematic.

In this group several of the students are in a very dire situation, being this case the most alarming and representing serious possibilities of life endangerment.

MEP Lopez questions the commission about which measures it will implement to urge Morocco to respect human rights regarding these repeated signs of non-compliance with human rights and international law.

The health and detention conditions of the Saharawi political prisoners has been frequently addressed by MEP Lopez and other MEP’s in the European Parliament. The answer of the high representative for foreign affairs, Frederica Morgherini has been lacking in substance since it always refers to the follow-up with the CNDH (Moroccan Council for Human Rights) which is nothing else than an extension of the same Government that allows and instructs the authorities to inflict torture, ill treatment and medical neglect to the Saharawi Prisoners.

PUSL has been documenting the cases over the last years and no improvement can be seen, in some cases we even noticed an increase in torture and ill treatment as was the case of the Gdeim Izik prisoners after the appeal trial in 2017.

The family of Ouakari only demands the respect for the basic human rights, the Mandela Rules (minimum standard rules for prisoners of the United Nations) and the respect and appliance of article 129 and 130 of section 2 of the Moroccan law regarding the organization and functioning of the penitentiaries as well as articles 26 and 58 of the Moroccan constitution.

Once again Morocco does not respect nor implement it’s national law nor the international convenants and agreements that it has ratified.

Below the question of MEP Paloma Lopez Bermejo:

The systematic mistreatment of Saharawi prisoners in Moroccan prisons does not stop repeating itself. On this occasion Ouakari Eloifi, only 28 years old, is in a state of health after several years of imprisonment without receiving adequate treatment. Since his arrest in January 2016, Ouakari has received torture and lack of medical attention, an issue that worsened after a hunger strike that ended in April 2016. What began as a digestive problem after the absence of food has become a chronic disease with continuous vomiting, persistent fever and atrocious weight loss, this being 45 kilos at present. After repeated requests for treatment, denied or painfully treated, Ouakari has developed a disease in a testicle that must be operated.

-Do the Commission know the situation of Ouakari Eloifi?

-With these repeated signs of non-compliance with human rights and international law, what measures will you

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