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Ministry of the Occupied Territories – SADR
Press release
July 1, 2018

The UN personal envoy arrived in El Aaiun (capital of Western Sahara) on Thursday 28 June 2018 to begin his first visit to the occupied territories in order to gain a better understanding of the real situation on the ground.

This visit is in line with what was established in the last UN Security Council resolution on Western Sahara on 27 April, which invites both parties, the Polisario Front and the Kingdom of Morocco, to enter into direct negotiations, without preconditions, to reach an agreement that provides the self-determination of the Saharawi people.

From the moment of the announcement of the visit, the Moroccan occupation authorities made every effort to avoid any sign of expression of the free will of the Saharawi people, drowning the city in a sea of ​​forces of all types and conditions of security, imposing a authentic curfew and martial law and establishing the hermetic closure of the territory to any international observer who wanted to enter. All this, with the aim of showing, before the UN envoy, the fallacy that the territory is a haven of peace and stability.

However, the population of the occupied territory, armed only with the indestructible moral superiority of their political demands and displaying their unequivocal desire for freedom and independence, was able to break all this show of force and terror, which Morocco had imposed on all streets and neighborhoods of the Saharawi cities.
Thus, throughout his round, Mr. Köhler witnessed demonstrations in which people displayed flags of the Saharawi Republic, or banners asking for the release of political prisoners and shouted slogans against all types of occupation and in favor of independence.

After 43 years of fierce military occupation, the Saharawi people were reborn from their ashes and once again showed the UN envoy the same spirit of freedom and independence that the United Nations Visit Committee in May 1975 had left behind. well reflected in their reports. In their attempt to contain the population, during and after the visit, Moroccan forces of repression were widely employed, with disproportionate force. Thus, the high price paid by the Saharawi civilian population is evident in the case of a young person in critical condition and 128 injured of different gravity.