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Horst KöhlerSource: TSA (Algeria) By: Sonia Lyes August 12, 2018 / EIC Spanish translation for Poemario por un sahara libre

The presentation by Horst Kohler, personal representative of the United Nations Secretary-General for Western Sahara, to the UN Security Council on his recent visit to the region was preceded in the background by Moroccan maneuvers aimed at anticipating and limiting the presentation to a simple fact.

This is revealed in a letter sent by the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN to the fifteen members of the UN Security Council on August 6, two days before the presentation of Horst Kohler.

“The Security Council will hold its third six-month consultation on the issue of the Moroccan Sahara on 8 August 2018. The meeting was requested by the Secretary-General’s personal representative, Mr. Horst Kohler, the briefing will be only an objective report of the his visit to the region last June, “Omar Hilale (Morocco’s ambassador to the UN in New York) wrote, adding that ” Morocco would have preferred this third presentation and the personal representative would have been heard at a later stage. “

The letter from the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the UN details the various activities carried out by the UN Special Envoy to the region, and [the letter] presents an approach, as expected, favorable to Morocco. The Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations, in particular, points out in his letter that Mr Kohler “conducted freely in places of his choice meetings with all the interlocutors he wanted to meet”.

“At the end of his visit, the Personal Envoy expressed before his departure from El Aaiun his satisfaction with his first visit to Western Sahara,” says Omar Hilale in his letter, before recalling resolution 2414 which appeals to others. “Neighboring States, particularly Algeria”, to make important contributions to the political process and increase their participation in the negotiation process. ”

“Finally, the Kingdom of Morocco has its understanding and support to ensure that these 8 August consultations do not materialize,” concludes the letter from the Permanent Representative of Morocco to the United Nations addressed to the fifteen members of the Security Council

“Without the ability to delay the briefing requested by Kohler, Morocco has exercised its right to offer a comprehensive report to Security Council members, asking them to avoid that the results of the visit go beyond the mere appearance of the visit,” analyzes the TSA source which is familiar with the Saharawi dossier.

“Morocco is pressuring Kohler so that there are no fait accompli surprises or pressure from the envoy.This is a way to counter the envoy’s work and to draw red lines on the parameters for the conflict resolution, such as the autonomy plan or participation of Algeria, “explains the same source.

“With the support of some permanent members of the Security Council, including France in the foreground, Morocco has had a break since the fifth round of talks. Kohler’s deadline for September seems not to be relevant,” our source says.

The Moroccan diplomatic apparatus is likely to invent all possible pretexts to avoid returning to the negotiating table, which is why Morocco’s insistence on the participation of Algeria, “he added,” that the Moroccan king does not want to know anything about the negotiations with Polisario. “.