EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security says Western Sahara can not be included in agreements with Morocco

PUSL.- This week, Fréderica Morgherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security in her speech on the subject of fisheries and other EU agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco was very clear and reaffirmed that the ECJ judgments (Court of Justice of the European Union) have to be respected. Addressing MEP’s, heads of state and government around her, referring to the EU / Morocco fisheries agreements and the non-inclusion of Western Sahara.

“Circumvent” she said, “the judgments of the Luxembourg Court of Justice is difficult and difficult to accept.” She continued: “It is our duty to make it clear to Morocco that we can not include Western Sahara in agreements with it.”

Morgherini warned that non-compliance with the ECJ’s decisions concerning the non-autonomous territory of Western Sahara by member states would result in heavy fines.

“The European Court of Justice does not ask us to interpret the law, but to apply it. Must we remind you, ladies and gentlemen, that judges, our judges, have considered Western Sahara ” distinct “and” separate “from Morocco”?

None of the deputies and state representatives asked to answer to Morgherini, except the President of France, Macron.

Macron attempted to postpone the discussion and remove Morgherini from this subject by stating that the subject is of great importance and sensitive in the eyes of an “essential partner” (referring to Morocco) and proposed that the “dossier be discussed at the Conference of Heads of State “.

It remains to be seen what Angela Merkel’s position on this subject will be, Germany has economic interests in the occupied territories of Western Sahara and even the former German President, Horst Koehler who is now special envoy of the UN Secretary-General for Western Sahara stated after his visit to the occupied territories, that foreign economic investments need a solution to the conflict.

It is clear that for Germany and its former president economic interests overlap with international law and respect for the rights of peoples, sovereignty and respect for human rights.

The position of Portugal in relation to Western Sahara is clearly a violation of our own constitution, which defends the respect and right of peoples to self-determination. Portugal has a two faced policy, wanting to appear as a hero of East Timor but denying the same rights to the people of Western Sahara.