Hmad Hamad: “The rights of our people were kidnapped”

PUSL interviewed the Vice-President of CODAPSO, Mr Hmad Hmad, on the recent visit on 4 September of the European Union delegation to the occupied territories of Western Sahara. The purpose of the visit was to “consult” the population on whether or not it benefited from the EU / Morocco agreements for the exploitation and marketing of natural products and natural resources of this non-autonomous territory occupied militarily since 1975 by Morocco. We recall that the Court of Justice of the European Union in two judgments found that Western Sahara is a separate and distinct territory from Morocco and can not be included in the agreements. A legal victory for the Polisario Front, the legitimate representative of the Saharawi people with international organizations and the UN.

PUSL: What was the purpose of the visit of this EU delegation to the occupied territories?

Hmad: This delegation from the European Union said it wanted to “consult” the Saharawi population on whether or not we had any benefit from the exploitation by Morocco and foreign companies of the vast natural resources of this non-autonomous territory.

A rhetorical question, since the EU is aware that the Saharawi population does not enjoy anything. We denounce daily the various violations of human rights, apartheid in which we live politically, socially and economically, and we must not forget that the Saharawi population is not only in the occupied territories, our families are also in the refugee camps near Tindouf, Algeria, on the other side of the military separation Wall erected by Morocco, they not only do not enjoy anything as have have been dependent on humanitarian aid since 1975.

All the rights of our people are abducted by Morocco and by the International Community that allows the perpetuation of this situation.

The European Union should be concerned and act so that our people have a long lasting solution to the conflict in accordance with UN resolutions ie self-determination.

PUSL: What do you think of this consultation?

Hmad: The European Union treats us as if we were children, this pseudo-consultation confirms this across the board.

What kind of consultation is this? Do you want to consult a people who live under occupation in a territory under military control? The only consultation we need is the referendum that was the basis of our ceasefire agreement and to this day has not been carried out.

And I would like to add that the Saharawi people have a legitimate representative, our representative is the Polisario Front and it is our representative who they have to ask and consult.
Our representative was very clear, when he had to go to court and make a complaint to the European Court of Justice, it was because the rights of our people are not being respected, because our resources are being stolen. What else is there to ask?

All the associations that were present at the meeting said the same, we were very clear, we are robbed, our land is occupied we are detained, tortured, putin prisons and Morocco commits a slow genocide of the Saharawi people. And we all reaffirm that consultations should be made with our legal representative, the Polisario Front.

Morocco is violating international law and this delegation is well aware of this, it is not necessary for us to inform them.

PUSL: The EU stated that it had already consulted several representatives of the Saharawi people, and the list of respondents presented before this visit included Moroccan companies. Do you know what they mean when they say several representatives of the Saharawi people?

Hmad: I repeat, our people have only one representative: the Polisario Front. Obviously Morocco has a group of people that has been bought and betrays, this is a known tactic and is repeated throughout history, in Europe also the French had to support the puppet government of Vichy during the Second World War, French traitors who with the their leader Pétain built a collaborationist regime with the Nazis.

PUSL: What do you think is the true purpose of this visit?

Hmad: The only thing that this delegation was looking for was an excuse, a way to continue to steal the Saharawi people and ally themselves with Morocco, so the EU will be directly responsible for all our suffering.

They are looking for an excuse because they think that it can be argued that the Saharawi people directly or indirectly benefit from the illegal exploitation and marketing of our resources, which would make legal the agreements they intend to put into practice.

This is not so, there is international law, the territory of Western Sahara has a well defined legal status and the ECJ itself was clear in this respect in both judgments.

The EU is looking for a way to continue to act as it has done to date. It should be pointed out that the purchase and sale of stolen goods is called receiving of stolen goods which may be defined by the fact that the offender acquires, receives, transports, drives, conceals, deposits, disassembles, assembles, remounts, sells, exposes for sale, or in any way uses, for his own or other the stolen goods. If the EU intends to pursue this course of action and disrespect for its own court, this is one of the crimes it commits, in addition to the obvious financing of the occupation and the occupying power and as a result being an accomplice in the financing of all the members of the Moroccan authorities who commit crimes of violation of human rights in the territory and outside it against the Saharawi people.

An action contrary to the principles that the EU has written and published and that says that it advocates.

PUSL: What do you think of the recent statements by Frederica Morgherini, the EU’s foreign representative?

Hmad: The Court of Justice of the European Union has not asked the European Union to interpret the judgment of this court which stipulates that Western Sahara is a separate and distinct territory from Morocco and that it can not be included in the EU / Morocco trade and fisheries agreements. The Court of Justice of the European Union asked to apply its judgment, to apply, not to interpret. And that is what Morgherini conveyed to the deputies and heads of state present.

PUSL: Do you believe that the judgments of the CJEU will be respected?

Hmad: So far international law is never respected when it comes to the Saharawi people. Proof of this is the abduction of our rights, it is the fact that the resolutions of the United Nations that have been adopted, of the African Union are not fulfilled and we continue in the list of non-autonomous territories. We are the last colony of Africa, a shame for Africa and for Europe, and especially Spain.

There are two measures, and the European leaders only respect the decisions of their Court when it favors them, and if they do not apply the ECJ rulings on this issue, we are not before a fair, integrated and ethical European Union, we are rather in the face of thieves in expensive suits and modern buildings, but who are still colonialists that treat us with disdain and disrespect.