Sahrawi political prisoners victims of poisoning in Ait Melloul prison

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PUSL.- Mohamed Bani, Brahim Ismaili, Sidahmed Lemjeyid and Mohamed Lefkir spent 20 days in deplorable health conditions due to poisoned food that the prison administration gave only to these Saharawi detainees according to information from their families.

During all the time that they were vomiting, had diarrhea, swollen legs and suffered from intense fatigue, they were never seen by a doctor despite the requests they made.

According to information from the families, Ismaili, Lefkir, Bani, and Lemjeyid started to suspect that this was not a normal disease since the four prisoners are neither in the same modules nor do they meet in the courtyards and therefore decided to stop eating the food that they were given which led to a quick recovery.

The situation of the political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik Group is worsening every day.

The responsibility for the physical integrity of these political prisoners is the responsibility of Morocco, but also of the United Nations, which allows the abduction of Saharawi civilians into the Kingdom of Morocco and the application of torture, ill-treatment, medical negligence, and murder.

We recall that over the years several Saharawi political prisoners have died during custody and in Moroccan prisons without ever being opened an investigation, nor were autopsies performed, often even the bodies are not returned to the family for a funeral.