The US Congress excludes Western Sahara from Morocco

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The Saharawi digital newspaper La Realidad, DLR. 06/01/2019.- In a new bill, the United States Congress excludes Western Sahara from the public spending budget for Morocco by 2019.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The House of Representatives of the United States approved a bill that excludes Western Sahara from the financial aid for the year 2019 destined for Morocco in the budget of public expenditure, unlike in recent years, particularly in 2018, an American position that confirms that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara.

Reuters said that “The bill states that aid to Western Sahara is completely separate from that for Morocco, and clearly refers to Western Sahara as a distinct political entity from that of Morocco.”

Reuters said that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is expected to sign the bill to set a precedent and a step that reaffirms that Morocco has no sovereignty over Western Sahara and has sent a clear message to the Commission of the EU, which is maneuvering to approve the fisheries agreement in flagrant violation of the judgments of the European Court of Justice that has ruled that “Western Sahara is a separate and distinct territory from Morocco”, and that it should be excluded from any kind of agreements with Morocco.

The Moroccan press has received and spreads the news with some bitterness and questioning about the clear position of the Republican administration regarding its support for Western Sahara and the Polisario Front. World News Morocco, indicates yesterday Saturday in its edition January 5 that “The House of Representatives of EE. UU approved on Thursday its bill of expenditure for 2019, which excludes Western Sahara from aid funds to Morocco. ” And WNM also underscores part of the text approved by the Congress and which clarifies that “The funds allocated under article 21 / III of this Law will be made available to help Western Sahara.” This part of the spending bill that approved the decision of the House of Representatives refers to Western Sahara as a political entity separate from Morocco.”

The Algerian newspaper Algerie Patriotique said that this decision of the Republican Administration is a letter addressed to European leaders who try to ignore the decision of the European Court of Justice regarding the territory of Western Sahara, defined by the CJEU as “Distinct and separate from Morocco”.