Gdeim Izik – Abbahah, Saharawi political prisoner received life threaths

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Sidi Abdallahi AbahahPUSL .- According to the information of the family of Sidi Abdallah Abbahah, Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik Group, he was object of harrasment, I’ll treatment, racism and receveid life threaths from the guards in Tiflet2 prison.

Abbahah’s lawyer, Maître Ouled deposed on his behalf a complaint to the United Nations Committee against Torture (CAT) last year.

The CAT issued immediate urgent interim measures in May demanding from the Moroccan authorities:

· Release of the prisoner with surveillance;
· Immediate access to a doctor of his choice;
· Immediate stop of isolation.

Ten month passed and Morocco did not comply with the interim measures so far.

The interim measures are issued in cases where there is an immediate threat to the detainee.

Abbahah himself as well as his family presented numerous complaints to all Moroccan authorities and demands of medical attention without receiving any answer.

The political prisoner is in prolonged isolation for one year.

Below the communiqué of Abdallah Abbahah’s mother.


In face of the grave situation of my son Sidi Abdallah Abbahah, Saharawi political prisoner of the Gdeim Izik Group, currently detained in Tiflet2 prison and unfairly convicted to life in prison, I inform to whom it may concern that he is continuously victim of harassment, ill-treatment, isolation, racism and life threats.

My son whose only crime is to be a SAHARAWI, like his companions, is still after 8 years of prison being subjected to daily torture.

As punishment for denouncing his torturers in front of the whole world during his trial, my son is in solitary confinement since his transfer to Tiflet2 prison on 7th May 2018.

After his transfer, he was denied essential items such as blankets and a pen and didn’t see any doctor while asking for it every single day.

As a punishment for having asked the CAT (United Nation Committee against Torture) to protect his life, the past week this situation escalated and Abdallah was menaced with life threats.

As a reprisal following the UN request to release him, he is being pressured to stop any process which will confirm that he has been tortured as he has denounced since his arrest in 2010.

As a mother, I am shouting to the whole world that I cannot stand by seeing my son suffering at the hands of his executioners every day and that our family will fight until our last breath to give him is freedom back.