“Our feelings towards our dead are violated by the Moroccan regime.” Hmad Hammad, Vice President of CODAPSO

Diario La Realidad Saharaui .- While I was in the company of my nieces and nephews preparing our visit to the tomb of my mother, we rode in our cars of mine and my niece and before passing the control of the Gendarmerie of the Moroccan occupation in the occupied city of El Aaiun, they made us stop. I was ordered to get out of the car and we were retained over an hour without any explanation while the children cried and were exposed to the high tempertures inside the cars.They saw how their uncle was being held by armed individuals. The most paradoxical thing was that the gendarme of the occupation regime did not give me any explanation while I asked him again and again what the reason of my arrest.

Between the cries of anguish of the children and the desperation of my nieces, I stayed there for more than an hour trying to find out why this retention was met with silence and the refusal of the Moroccan gendarmes to give me an answer. Our visit to the grave of my recently deceased mother, instead of being a visit according to our customs and beliefs, became a nightmare and tears for children who wanted to remember their grandmother. This is no coincidence, of course it was a reprisal and a revenge for the slogans with which we said goodbye to my mother in her funeral and the Sahrawi flags with which we covered her grave.

Once again Morocco runs over our customs, our beliefs and traditions. It is not only about our freedom of movement in our territory, oppression also reaches our traditions and our loved ones who rest in peace underground.