BOURIAL’s family, prisoner of the GDEIM IZIK group, in protest

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PUSL.- Yesterday, March 31 at the end of the afternoon the Family of Mohamed Bourial, a Saharawi political prisoner on hunger strike organized a non-violent protest in El Aaiun.

The family wanted to express their support for Bourial and to denounce the situation of the political prisoners of the Gdeim Izik group.

In the House of the Family the demonstrators began to organize themselves in the middle of the afternoon, preparing the posters and Saharawi flags. Moroccan occupation police immediately surrounded the house and prevented demonstrators from leaving as can be seen in the video:

Around 8:00 pm the family left for about 30 minutes displaying the flags and shouting words of support to Bourial and the Gdeim Izik group but quickly the police intervened and the protest was terminated.

Mohamed Bourial has been on hunger strike since last March 20, being today day 13. On March 24, the prison authorities withdrew his access to drinking water, trying to force him to end the strike. Due to the fact that Bourial is only entitled to two telephone calls per week, it is not known what the current situation is, but in his last contact he confirmed that he had not been seen by any doctors or other staff of the prison health team, nor had the prison administration initiated any dialogue.