Demonstrations in El Aaiun celebrating the first armed action of POLISARIO

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PUSL.- Saharawi men, women and children took to the streets on 20 May in El Aaiun, celebrating the anniversary of the first armed action of the Polisario Front.

Despite the police and military siege and Moroccan auxiliary forces, to avoid demonstrations throughout the occupied Western Sahara, the Saharawi people took to the streets demonstrating.

The 20th of May, is celebrated yearly in spite of all the repression and tight control of the occupying forces that suppress any demonstration.

In the neighborhood of El Arak in El Aaiun, a group of Sahrawis managed to escape the police siege and demonstrated at 11 pm as you can see in the video.

Demonstrations in the occupied territories are increasingly difficult. The Moroccan authorities are preventing the grouping of Saharawis at all costs so that demonstrations do not take place.

Whole neighborhoods are under continuous police siege and secret police are present in every city.