Moroccan authorities brutally beat several Saharawis at the reception to a political prisoner released in occupied Sahara

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PÚBLICO.- A video released by Eqipe Media shows how a group they identify as Moroccan auxiliary forces is attacking three people who went to Smara to receive prisoner Salah Lebsir, who was released last Friday after serving four years in prison for participate in peaceful demonstrations for the self-determination of the Sahara.

A group of men armed with sticks brutally beat three Saharawi citizens in the Smara city of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco. That’s what Team Media reported in their Twitter account, where they posted a video that shows the aggression that occurred last Friday.

According to the Saharawi diplomatic correspondence website, three Saharawi citizens were intercepted in their car by a group of agents of Moroccan auxiliary forces armed with stakes that attacked them, pushed them out and beat them repeatedly.

According to these two sources of Saharawi information, the assailants were preparing to receive Salah Lebsir, a newly released political prisoner after serving a four-year prison sentence. Lebsir was arrested on 6 June 2015 for taking part in peaceful demonstrations in the city of Smara, during which the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people was vindicated. In addition to political activism, the newly released is also a journalist.