Saharawi arrested and tortured for filming medical malpractice in the occupied territories

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PUSL.- Souieh El Bachir was detained by the police on Sunday at 16:00 at the Ben El Mehdi Hospital in Aaiun, Occupied Western Sahara.

El Bachir was filming a Saharawi woman who was protesting because the doctors at the hospital refused to treat her son with severe burns.

No first aid was given to the burned young man and the mother began to protest demanding treatment and denouncing the situation.

El Bachir who was in the hospital and witnessed this situation began to record what was happening.

Immediately the police detained El Bachir who was taken to the police station where he was tortured.

The Sahrawi El Bachir will be present to the King’s procurator today.

Cases of ill-treatment, intentional medical negligence, refusal of treatment and suspicious deaths of Sahrawis at the hands of Moroccan doctors are frequent.

The video captured could prove at international level what is happening in hospitals in the occupied territories and the genocide that is practiced daily against the Saharawi people.