Saharawi political prisone , Ali Saadoni, transferred to Bouzakarn and placed in isolation

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PUSL.- Ali Saadoni, a Saharawi political prisoner, was transferred yesterday at 3am in the middle of the night from the prison of El Aaiun, occupied Western Sahara to Bouzakarn prison in Morocco.

According to our source, the political prisoner was in a bad state of health and in a general miserable state.

Upon arriving at Bouzakarn he was immediately placed in isolation.

On 29 April 2019 the Sahrawi activist Ali Saadoni was sentenced to 7 months in prison and a fine of 5000 Dirham (480Euros).

Access to the trial was restricted, only assisting the mother and sister of Saadoni but the Saharawi activists were prevented from entering as well as the translator of two Spanish lawyers accredited by the Spanish law bar.

The defence lawyer denounced the various violations of procedural procedures and asserts that it was not a trial with the necessary guarantees to be considered a fair and impartial trial.

Saadoni denounced once again that he was a victim of torture and ill-treatment by the Moroccan authorities and denied all the accusations.

Saadoni was detained for raising flags of the SADR (Saharawi Arabic Democratic Republic) and defending Western Sahara self-determination in accordance with UN resolutions and was subsequently charged with possession of drugs and other false accusations.

Ali Saadoni is a well-known activist, who has gone through countless arrests and a sentence of more than 2 years. The ill-treatment to which he was subjected during his last detention led the Saharawi to sew his mouth in protest demanding human treatment.

Saharawi political prisoners are imprisoned as little time as possible in the occupied territories and as soon as possible transferred to prisons in Morocco.

These transfers violate international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention.

Morocco continues with impunity to torture and kidnap all Sahrawi who are known for their non-violent activism against the illegal occupation of the territory and for the implementation of United Nations resolutions.