Saharawi activist Ali Al-Taluki sentenced to one year’s imprisonment by the court of Smara

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PUSL.- Ali Al-Taluki was sentenced yesterday to a one year prison sentence by the court of Smara, occupied territories of Western Sahara. The young man was accused of “assaulting public officials during the performance of their duties, participating in a demonstration and possession of a weapon”.

The brutal action of a Moroccan paramilitary command against Al-Taluki and two other activists is documented on video and proves that the whole charges are based on false police statements.

Moroccan authorities brutally beat three Saharawi activists at the reception of the political prisoner and journalist Salah Lebsir, who was released on 7 June. The Saharawi activists were immediately detained and subsequently brought to court.

After the brutal intervention in Smara, Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal were transferred on June 10 to the city of El Aaiun and presented to the court of appeal to the investigative judge.

Ali Al-Taluki was present at the court of Smara on the same day.

Salik Mubarak Abdi and Walid al-Salik Albatal are now detained in the black prison of El Aaiun in the occupied territories of Western Sahara.

According to several sources the three activists whose attack was filmed are in a serious health condition due to the beatings and subsequent torture by the Moroccan authorities.

The attack was filmed and a video released by Equipe Media shows how a group of Moroccan agents armed with sticks brutally beat the three Saharawi citizens in the Moroccan-occupied city of Smara in Western Sahara.