Thousands of Saharawis on the streets celebrating Algeria’s victory

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PUSL.- Thousands of Sahrawis filled the streets of the cities occupied by Morocco in Western Sahara.

The Sahrawi population went out to express their joy at the victory of the Algerian team and passage to the final of the African Football Cup (CAF) and simultaneously demanding the self-determination and independence of Western Sahara.

Algerian and Saharawi flags were displayed by the population shouting “1,2,3 vive l’Algerie” (1,2,3 live in Algeria) and “Labadil Labadil Antakrir al Massir” (there is no other solution but self-determination).

Shortly after the demonstrations began the Moroccan occupation forces began to dismantle and attack the demonstrators.

“They have already started to attack! And who do they attack?? Kids! They try to defend themselves but with what? What world is this?” said H., 13 years in El Aaiun referring to the intervention of the occupying forces.

“You can not imagine how the streets are! We are everywhere, but the occupation forces with their intervention vans have already begun to attack.” Mohamed could not contain his emotion in reporting the mass exit of the Sahrawis to the street.

Images and videos filled the social networks in minutes and even in the diaspora the Saharawi community celebrated the emotionally the successful victory of the country that they call friend and brother.

Also in the Gaza Strip, in Palestine the Algerian victory was celebrated.

Algeria is known for its unconditional support and solidarity with the Sahrawi and Palestinian people.

The Sahrawis yesterday celebrated much more than a victory at a football match. They had for brief minutes the opportunity to leave in mass and affirm their firm desire for freedom and withdrawal of the Moroccan occupant. The victory of the “Desert Warriors”, as the Algerian team is known, was a cry of freedom for the Sahrawis.