Cebrapaz condemns Moroccan repression in occupied Western Sahara and mourns the death of young Sabah Ahmeida

PUSL.- The Brazilian Center for Solidarity with Peoples and Fight for Peace (CEBRAPAZ) joins the various entities in solidarity with the Saharawi people in the most vehement condemnation of the brutal episodes of repression of the demonstrations in El Aaiun, capital of the Western Sahara occupied by Morocco on July 20 . In the episode, the Moroccan police ran over and killed the 24-year-old Sabah Othman Ahmeida (Injourni), a young woman who was delayed in giving her medical attention. Sabah died later in the hospital.

Several reports and shocking images have been disseminated by the courageous Saharawis who recorded the event, showing the brutality of Moroccan repression, the use of lethal ammunition, the beating of the demonstrators and the trampling, like the one that victimized the young Sabah. They are, however, recurring tactics, which demonstrates the seriousness of the situation of the Saharawi people under Moroccan occupation and colonization of their territory.

The demonstration of July 20 was massive and expressive of the Saharawi people’s longing for the liberation of their nation. It was Algeria’s victory at the African Games, but the Saharawis also raised their flags, demanding the implementation of their right to self-determination. Following that, activists, diplomats, journalists and leaders of the Frente POLISARIO have reiterated their longstanding call for the protection of the population under military occupation, denouncing the lack of a mandate to do so in the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara ( MINURSO).

MINURSO was established in 1991 to conduct the consultation, but to date it has been unable to fulfill its role. The inclusion of a mandate to monitor the human rights situation in Western Sahara has been systematically hampered, especially by the Moroccan ally in the UN Security Council, France. Meanwhile, the Saharawi wait at the mercy of the Moroccan occupation forces, or in the refugee camps in the Algerian desert, or still in exile, fighting for the fulfillment of the promise of self-determination and decolonization, pending since Spain withdrew from the former colony and delivered it, violating international law, to Morocco.

CEBRAPAZ joins all entities and personalities in solidarity with the Saharawi people in the strong repudiation of this episode of repression and regrets the death of the young Sabah, while at the same time unconditionally supporting the Saharawis appeal for the implementation of the referendum on self-determination and, meanwhile, the guarantee of protection of the population under occupation.

For the immediate end of the Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara!

Antônio Barreto
President of Cebrapaz