Association of Friends of SADR – France: In occupied Western Sahara, cruel repression against Saharawi civilians

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PUSL.- This Saturday, July 20, 2019, the Sahrawi living in the main cities of Western Sahara occupied by Morocco wanted, as many other African fans, to celebrate the victory of the Algerian team at the African Cup of Nations.

But the celebration does not seem possible in occupied Western Sahara, especially in the capital city of El Aaiun. Indeed the Moroccan forces of repression always present in the city were unleashed against a crowd that came to celebrate this victory.

Water cannons, military gear, police and military forces clashed with this peaceful crowd. A 23-year-old woman, Sabah OTHMAN AMEIDA, lost her life, crushed by a vehicle that hit the crowd at full speed. Several women were also injured in the face and did not have access to care as the hospital was closed.

According to information provided by the Saharawi media team, several dozen arrests have been made, the whereabouts of which are unknown.

The association of the Friends of the SADR condemns this repression which led to the death of a young woman and to numerous arrests.

The association of the Friends of the SADR stresses that such situations of violence are the perfect demonstration that nothing is settled in Western Sahara contrary to what Morocco wants to make believe to the international community. Morocco has been for more than 40 years the occupying power obliged to maintain permanently a security device allowing it to prevent any public expression and any challenge to its occupation.

The Association of Friends of SADR strongly urges the United Nations and the Security Council to ensure that the Peace Mission, MINURSO, finally has an expanded mandate to monitor human rights compliance. protected from repression Sahrawi civilians. We can only hope that France member of the Security Council will contribute with all its influence.

Régine VILLEMONT, President.
Association of Friends of SADR