Solidarity with the Saharawi People – Saharawi People’s Friendship and Solidarity Association (Brasil)

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PUSL.- In the face of yet another brutal and cowardly attack by the Moroccan security forces against the Saharawi people, which resulted in deaths and injuries last week, we express solidarity and support to the fighters who oppose the genocidal plan of the King of Morocco, which has done everything to annex the territory of Western Sahara, oppressing the population, murdering and imprisoning Saharawi leaders, and ignoring UN resolutions to end the more than 40-year conflict in the region.

We express our solidarity with the families of young Saharawi Sabah Azman Hamida, cowardly killed by the security forces of King Mohamed VI, during the last demonstrations in El Aaiun and Dajla, where the Saharawi people continue to fight for the country’s independence and the release of political prisoners.

All the support for the Saharawi people and the struggle for independence and freedom of Western Sahara!

Brasilia, July 22, 2019

Maria José Conceição Maninha
Saharawi People’s Friendship and Solidarity Association – Brasilia – DF