Morocco continues with arrests and raids in El Aaiun

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PUSL.- According to various sources on the ground, the city of El Aaiun in occupied Western Sahara continues to be the scene of arrests, identification and raids on Saharawi homes.

Moroccan occupation authorities since 19 July have kept the city of El Aaiun and other cities in the occupied territories under extreme control having transferred thousands of members of the various police, military, paramilitary and auxiliary forces who joined the huge contingent already present.

“We can’t be seen on the streets, the police are still searching and detaining young Saharawi, they want to get as many names on their lists and will later use many of these arbitrary arrests and identifications to bring us to court as they please.” T, 17 years old.

According to several Saharawi human rights activists, minors who have been detained in recent days have been released, but many others remain in prisons and police stations.

Morocco tries its best to instill terror in the Saharawi population in the occupied territories. The demonstration of unity and strength of the Saharawi, which they witnessed during the celebration of the Algerian Team victory in the African Nations Cup and which quickly became the demand for self-determination, was a warning to Morocco, but also to the international community. The Saharawi will never accept the Moroccan occupation.

“The last few days have been a very clear signal to Morocco. If you thought the young people had accepted the occupation they are very wrong. And that is why they do not want to make the referendum! Polisario even proposed that the settlers vote and it was Morocco that rejected it. Mohamed VI does not even trust the settlers. They know that their presence here, this occupation is only possible through a regime of terror, silence, arrests and kidnappings and constant violations of all our rights! If the United Nations want to respect their resolutions, very well. If they don’t, we will find a solution. It’s a pity they’re all liars. ” R, 21 years old.

Mohamed Salem Ould Salek, Foreign Minister of the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic also warned the international community “The patience of the Saharawi has limits. It is time for the UN to assume its responsibilities … The international community should know that it is very difficult to keep the Saharawi people expectant and that this situation causes very deep frustration in all Saharawi. (…) This must be taken into account before it is too late.”

The violence to which the Saharawi are exposed in the occupied territories  is not  news in the world, but that does not mean that the situation is resolved or that the Saharawi have accepted the Moroccan occupation.