Communiqué CEAS: We demand that the Government of Spain not be complicit with its silence of the genocide that is being committed in the Western Sahara occupied by Morocco

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In the face of the savage repression and repeated violent attacks against the defenseless Saharawi population in Western Sahara, occupied by the Moroccan army, we want to denounce the murders, such as that of the young Sabah Azman Hamida, 23, deliberately hit by a  vehicle of the auxiliary forces, raiding their homes, kidnapping teenagers, causing them serious injuries. We want to denounce the complicity of the Spanish Government, which looks the other way, and strongly urge you to intervene decisively and demand that the Kingdom of Morocco respect the most elementary Human Rights, and enforce United Nations Resolutions, and stop selling Spanish anti-riot equipment with which the Saharawi people are massacred who peacefully demosntrated for the freedom and independence of their country.

That it be interested in the wounded and disappeared, the brutal repression that the Saharawi population is suffering, and, as it speaks of the defense of Human Rights in Venezuela or in Syria, ask that MINURSO extend its mandate to the protection of  human rights. That it defends before the authorities of Morocco, to be able to enter the Territory to inform about the serious situation that this brother town is going through, and not imprison the Saharawi journalists who are trying to inform. Morocco does not want to know what happens in the so-called Saharawi “Guantanamo”.

These hateful methods are part of the same policy of oppression practiced, for decades and with impunity, by the Moroccan regime in Western Sahara. The seriousness of this situation increases , and derives from the fact of not respecting the Right to self-determination, but also of the stagnation in which the peace process is found, due to the impunity and intransigence of Morocco, supported by its allies, especially France and Spain