Italian network of solidarity with Saharawi people condemns Moroccan repression

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Rome, July 22, 2019 The Italian network of solidarity with the Saharawi people condemned the brutal repression of Saharawi citizens in the territories occupied by the Moroccan occupation forces, calling for an independent investigation into the circumstances of the assassination of young Sabah Othman Hmeida, on the sidelines of the peaceful celebration last Friday the victory of the Algerian team in the final of the CAN 2019.

The network said in a statement that the brutal intervention of Moroccan forces has left dozens wounded, recalling that the young Saharawi woman Sabah Othman Hmeida suffered an intentional fatal accident by the Moroccan police.

“Last Friday, July 19th, thousands of Sahrawis took to the streets of the capital, El-Aaiun, to peacefully celebrate the victory of Algeria against Senegal in the final of the African Cup of Nations (Can 2019) They were brutally beaten and arrested by the Moroccan army and a 23-year-old girl died, “the network said.

The network recalled that according to media sources Sahrawi on the spot, “the Moroccan forces of repression occupied most of the main roads of El-Aaiun, in particular with tanks used for fire hydrants, cars of police and military trucks, strategically located near a cafeteria where the Saharawi had concentrated to continue this festival of African football “.