PCF calls on the French government to stop covering the criminal acts of Mohammed VI

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While the Algerian football team won the African Cup of Nations (CAN), thousands of Saharawi took to the streets of many cities in the territories occupied by Morocco to both celebrate the event but also denounce the plundering of their natural resources, massive unemployment and demanding the release of political prisoners including those of Gdeim Izik.

In El Aaiun, the army rushed on the crowd with vehicles. 23-year-old Sabah Othman Omeida lost her life, crushed. In total there are more than a hundred wounded and dozens of arrests. Among them, many Sahrawi women whose faces are systematically disfigured with batons. In the prisons, torture and rape have become the rule.

The Polisario Front denounced this new brutal aggression against Saharawi civilians in the occupied territories.

The PCF condemns these barbaric acts and calls on the French government to stop covering the criminal acts of Mohammed VI. Paris bears a heavy responsibility for this violence by refusing the UN Security Council to extend MINURSO’s prerogatives to the protection of human rights in the occupied territories. Everyone can measure the tragic consequences. The illegal extension of EU / Morocco trade agreements in Western Sahara encourages this impunity. Finally, France is blocking UN resolutions by opposing the organization of a referendum on self-determination to put an end to colonization.

The PCF is united, in this ordeal with the Saharawi people and its representative the Polisario Front.