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PUSL.- In his throne day speech, Moroccan King Mohamed VI stated regarding Western Sahara that “Morocco remains resolutely and earnestly committed to the political process, under the exclusive aegis of the United Nations Organization” but in the next paragraph contradicts this statement immediately by reiterating that “the way to achieve the desired settlement can be none other than through Moroccan full sovereignty and within the framework of the autonomy initiative”.

Once more Morocco makes it clear, the King and its entourage are determined to continue the occupation of Western Sahara, which they invaded in 1975. The cease fire agreement as well as all decisions of the UN are not something to be taken in account and the only “negotiation” that is valid for Morocco is to throw out all decision of the UN , the International Court, the African Union and the Court of Justice of the European Union and implement the “autonomy plan”. Morocco does not want to respect what it signed and for some reason this seems not to bother the UN and specially the Security Council.

In fact, the speech is a declaration of “noncompliance”.

Mohamed VI also states that he is “proud of all that our country has achieved at the United Nations and at African and European levels. We need to remain mobilized across the board to consolidate these achievements and face up to the plots of our adversaries.”

The King has reasons to be proud, Morocco systematically violates all laws, covenants and agreements without having any kind of penalty or sanction. Morocco signed the Constitutive Act of the African Union being in violation of it’s article IV , has a partnership agreement with European Union which is contrary to the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union and also does not respect the Human Rights clause, disrespects the Convention against Torture and the Optional Protocol of the convention, the over 50 UN resolutions on Western Sahara and the referendum are also not taken into account.

The International Community allowing all these violations are actively supporting the occupation of Western Sahara.

What can be the answer of the Saharawi people? What are the feelings of the people in the occupied territories when they read the speech of Mohamed VI speaking of “sincere and spontaneous manifestations of friendliness and support expressed by Morocco – its King and its people – for the Algerian national football team at the African Cup of Nations held in our sister country, Egypt. Moroccans shared in the Algerian people’s joy and pride when their national team deservedly won the Cup. It was as if Morocco had won, too.” When in fact, the celebrations in the occupied cities of Western Sahara were transformed by the Moroccan occupation forces to put the population under a siege and attack, imprison, and shoot people, as well as raiding their houses (see video).

The relations with Algeria were mentioned right after Western Sahara in the speech. For our surprise Mohamed VI is oblivious of history once again and states I wish to reaffirm our sincere commitment to the policy of the outstretched hand towards our Algerian brothers, out of loyalty to the bonds rooted in brotherhood, religion, language and good-neighborliness that have always existed between the peoples of the two sister nations. The sand war was obviously not a “good-neighborliness” action by Morocco who decided that the Tindouf and Béchar should be Moroccan. The celebrations on the border by Moroccans after the victory of the CAN have to do with the fact that many Moroccans have family on the other side of the border and also due to their necessity of border commerce.

Mohamed VI however is conscious of the fact that true opposition on terrorism in North of Africa is Algeria and not Morocco. The fact that NATO is aware of this reality, although Morocco is still a preferential partner for geo strategic reasons and political alliances, conducts to the statement “The security and development challenges facing us cannot be tackled by any country on its own.”

All in all nothing new is to be signaled on this speech concerning Western Sahara and nothing is to be expected from Morocco other than the continuation of a fierce and brutal occupation and mindless plunder of all resources of Western Sahara.