PUSL.- As published today in the Spanish press the PSOE (Partido Socialista Obrero Español) will support negotiations on Western Sahara at the UN and other international institutions and that MINURSO monitors human rights. MINURSO (United Nations Mission for a Referendum in Western Sahara) was established in 1991 after the ceasefire agreed between Morocco and the Polisario Front when Morocco was losing the war. To date, Morocco has not fulfilled its promise and has been postponing consecutively the referendum with the support of France and Spain.

The proposal for a “Progressive Joint Program” tabled on Tuesday by the PSOE includes among its commitments “to promote recognition of the Palestinian State by EU Member States” and to support negotiating processes to find a solution for Western Sahara.

These are two specific issues that were not present in the “Advances for Spain” document that the PSOE presented at the end of July, but are now included in its electoral program for the April elections.

In the case of Western Sahara, the new wording is about supporting negotiation processes “both in the United Nations and in other institutions” – not just the UN – “based on absolute respect for the obligations of international law.” It also calls for the UN Mission in the Spanish colony currently occupied by Morocco (MINURSO) “to extend its mandate to human rights monitoring”.

Point 347 of the program says:
The government will support the negotiation processes, both at the United Nations and other institutions in Western Sahara, based on absolute respect for the obligations of international law, and we will support MINURSO in extending its mandate to human rights surveillance.


On the other hand, it undertakes to work to “improve transparency” in negotiations on EU trade agreements with third countries.

It should be recalled that the PSOE voted in favor of agreements between the EU and Morocco which are in clear violation of international law and the judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

This new PSOE electoral program promises once again support for the just cause of the Saharawi people. However the record of PSOE’s unfulfilled promises on this subject is public, Western Sahara is used as an electoral tool but after the elections the Spanish governments have all betrayed the rightful owners of the “province 53 of Spain” which still awaits decolonization and which was delivered to Moroccoon a tray in 1975.

The Saharawi population has since lived the horror of war, oppression and much fled into the inhospitable desert of neighboring Algeria where they are surviving for more than 40 years in refugee camps.

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