Mohamed Lamin Boudnani, Saharawi activist arrested and imprisoned in black prison

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PUSL.- On Friday, September 27, Mohamed Lamin Boudnani was sentenced on a false charge of “insulting a public official” by the El Aaiun court.

On 23 September Boudnani was summoned to report to the police, when he arrived he was surprised by an interrogation where he was informed that he has an arrest warrant since 2016.

This statement by the Moroccan authorities is unrealistic since Mr. Boudnani was not hidden, has the same address for several years, meets police officers and gendarmerie daily in the streets of El Aaiun and as soon as summoned he presented himself to the police.

After initially accusing him of participating in riots on 19 July after the Algerian team won the Africa Cup, they then changed the accusation to “insulting a civil servant”.

On the morning of September 26, he was presented to the investigating judge at the appeal court of El Aaiun and the King’s prosecutor sent him directly to the black prison of El Aaiun.

Mr Boudnani is a well-known activist for the right to self-determination of the Saharawi people who has been persecuted by the Moroccan authorities and whose home has been under surveillance several times due to his non-violent activities and participation in demonstrations for the rights of his people as enshrined in international law.