diariobahiadecadiz.com.- The contribution of Cadiz municipalism to the Saharawi cause “as a shout against indifference”, in debate in a conference in Cádiz

Cádiz is home to the second conference on municipalism regarding the process of decolonization of Western Sahara. An event, promoted by the City Council, which gives continuity to the space for reflection opened in 2018. Continue to deepen the cooperation with the Saharawi refugee camps, among the main points of the meeting, which is once again the “speaker of freedom claims and fair and necessary independence. “

The headquarters of the Municipal Foundation of Women, in the Plaza del Palillero de Cádiz, hosts on Tuesday the second conference on municipalism in the process of decolonization of Western Sahara. An event that gives continuity to the space of reflection opened in 2018 at the meeting, also in the capital of Cadiz, in which a dozen representatives participated and discussed the economic, legal and social situation of the Saharawi refugee camps.

The mayor, José María González ‘Kichi’, at the inauguration of the event, has valued the municipality as a “tool of resistance and vanguard” to “shout against indifference and against criminalization”, as a tool to “support and combat the decolonization of the Saharawi people, a people who do not want to resign themselves to injustice and who claim a future”.

Together with the first mayor of Cádiz, the mayor of Puerto Real, Elena Amaya, and the governor of Dajla, Salek Baba Hasena, presided over this inauguration. The event is promoted by the City Council of Cádiz together with the provincial federation of solidarity associations with Western Sahara (FeCádiz) and the University of Cádiz.

The event brings together more than a dozen members of different municipalities of the province with representatives of the government of the Saharawi Arab Republic to talk about the contribution of Cadiz municipalism to the cause and the next challenges. “We want to create a space for reflection on the experiences lived by the different administrations that maintain collaboration with the Saharawi camps and that this encourages others to join these initiatives.”

Thus, as reported by DIARIO Bahía de Cádiz, the event has had a discussion table with the participation of municipalities, public offices, the UCA, associations and a Saharawi delegation. In addition, a jaima was installed throughout the day with an exhibition organized by the Saharawi Student League in the Plaza de El Palillero.


The mayor of Adelante Cádiz has appealed to all the people participating in the day, “so that they are avant-garde and not conformed, so that they demand the Spanish Government to reconsider its position with a necessary and future Saharawi State.” In this sense, he has assured that “we must press and adopt a main role as a transmission belt of the demands of solidarity that people demand”.

In front of the states, “that move between interest and opportunism,” he added, “the people lay down their walls and fences with their solidarity.” Thus, he has put as an example the investment made by the City Council through Águas de Cádiz and Eléctrica de Cádiz for a new electrification system at the Dajla hospital: “With this investment we offer decent conditions in this sanitary space for professionals and Dajla patients but also, it has been a pride for all the neighbors of Cádiz who have felt complicit in the claims of the Saharawi Republic “.

González Santos has also highlighted the need to “continue doing these conferences to rethink and strengthen the collaboration between the brother peoples, to advance in solidarity and, above all, to transmit and be a speaker of just claims and necessary freedom and independence. ”

On the other hand, the socialist mayor of Puerto Real, Elena Amaya, has emphasized that the political and humanitarian commitment “have to go hand in hand” and has claimed that “this commitment has to come beyond the town hall, of the province and of Andalusia,it has to come from the Spanish State “.

The governor of Dajla, Salek Baba Hasena, has warned that “we are going through a difficult time since the special envoy in charge of negotiations with the Government of Morocco has just been withdrawn” and this is joined by “the Security Council that has issued a resolution maintaining the same level of pressure on the Saharawi people “; That is why it has influenced the need to “reach an agreement”.

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