PUSL.- Last Saturday, the Saharawi community and solidarity movements took part in an action against the WALLS in Saint Michel square in Paris.

This action was launched by the Palestinian NGO “Stop the Wall”, which was joined by over 400 organizations, networks and movements around the world for A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS “From Palestine to Mexico, all walls must fall”.

The Saharawi community and friendly associations have displayed photos of the world’s largest separation wall, the 2720-kilometer-long wall of shame built by the Moroccan occupier that divides the occupied territories of Western Sahara from the liberated territories.

The purpose of this action was to

  • educate the public about the devastating effects of walls on our lives;
  • create links between the victims of the walls and the movements that fight against these walls;
  • break down the walls that exploit, discriminate, oppress and expel
  • punish everyone who benefits from the walls

The images of the walls placed in the square provoked reactions of surprise and condemnation of passers-by. More than 1,000 leaflets were distributed and two anti wall-songs were broadcasted: Dominique Grange’s “Destroy the Wall” and Saharawi singer Aziza Brahim’s “Los Muros”.

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